Friday, January 12, 2018

Beneficial Property Tax Information

While most people in the county are taking advantage of a basic property tax exemption that will save $70 a year on property taxes, there may be as many as 2500 homeowners in the county who are eligible who aren’t taking advantage of it.  It is a very common and simple property tax exemption known as the Homeowners Property Tax Exemption.  It is available to every owner of a dwelling which is occupied as the owner’s principal place of residence.

    This means that there could be as much as $175,000/year that is available directly to the residents of the county that is not being claimed. Additionally, this won’t cost the County of Amador County anything because these exemptions are reimbursed to the County from the State of California.  The concept that there could be such a large amount of unclaimed money is troubling, so we are publicly promoting this exemption.

    There are a number of ways to verify if you have the exemption.  The easiest way to find out is to visit the assessor page of the county website ( and click on “Lookup Parcels, Values and Maps”.  An address or a parcel number can be entered and the next screen will have information about the parcel.  In the “Assessment” section there will be a “Y” if the exemption is being used or an “N” if it is not. However, this can also be verified by looking at a tax bill, visiting or phoning the Assessors’ Office.

     If it is determined that the Homeowners Exemption is not being used, a claim can be filled out online by clicking on the “Forms” tab and then the “Home Owners Exemption” link on the following page.  The form can also be obtained by mail or at the Assessors’ Office counter.  It is a rather simple form and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fill out.  There are general information and instructions with the form, however, if there are questions or concerns contact the office at (209)223-6351 or .

      In publicizing these and other provisions of the California Revenue and Taxation code our goal is to increase public awareness.  Also, I want to remind the taxpayers of the county to contact the Assessor’s Office if they think their property assessment taxes may be affected or if there is a general question about property assessments.  A simple inquiry can potentially save a substantial amount of money on property taxes while making parts of estate planning easier and more reliable.

Jim Rooney
Amador County Assessor

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